Alasdair Flind
Executive Producer, "Top Boy"

"Carly Reddin was the Production Designer on the 10-part, Cowboy Films / Easter Partisan drama series Top Boy that was made for Netflix. She was able to help bind together the visions of 4 different directors over 4 blocks of episodes. The design brief - to keep the look of the show grounded and authentic and yet at the same time allow the audience to experience the beauty and colour that can be found on the gritty streets and estates of East London was achieved to great effect. Carly also managed to show what gentrification looked like in East London - the contrast between wealth and poverty from a design perspective. Allied to the look of London, Carly and her team also managed to convey the colour, heat and passion of Jamaica and the old school seaside decay of Ramsgate."

Jason Smith
Director, "Need for Speed"

"Carly Reddin production designed the latest EA Sports “Need for Speed” video game for me. The brief was to recreate Los Angeles at night in various locations around London with a distinctive edgy raw sensibility that would enable us to seamlessly blend live action with the game play. She did an amazing job with a tight budget and little time. She never lost her cool in spite of the time pressures running up to production and consistently provided me with more than I wanted throughout the six-week shoot. Her attention to detail was immense. She imbued every set with her own unique sense of style but always within the constrains of the overall brief. Every prop was hand picked and her team was always totally professional. I would highly recommend her on any production big or small whether it’s designing studio sets or dressing locations. She is also a fantastic person to have around, a team player with a great sense of humour and always positive no matter what’s thrown at her."

Michael Winterbottom
Director, "Face of an Angel"

"I have now worked with Carly twice, as an Art Director on ‘The Look of Love’ and as Production Designer on ‘The Face of an Angel,’ which I believe was one of her first jobs as a production designer. This film was a complex and demanding job for any production designer. It had to bring together many disparate elements, including modern day court reenactments, fantasy sequences and extracts from Dante's Inferno. She did incredibly well, shooting in both Italy and England, and worked well with both Italian and British crews. She had a strong attention to detail, and used her resourcefulness and understanding of character and narrative to translate our ideas into visual representations."

Ina Remme
Producer, "Aber Bergen"

"For Norwegian TV-drama Aber Bergen we needed a high end studio build on a very humble budget. Carly made all the difference, and the set is stunning and impressive (apparently the largest to date in Scandinavia) and was on budget. She is innovative, professional, flexible and creative in collaborating and finding solutions, and a dedicated, hard worker. Carly is a strong leader with good, clear communication skills. Add to that, she is a delight to work with - always calm and focused, and she delivered a fantastic build which exceeded expectations. It’s a fresh, inventive design, which we are all immensely proud of."

Anthony Wilcox
Director, "Hello Carter"

"Carly worked tirelessly to achieve the ambitious design targets that were set on HELLO CARTER. Working with a small team and low budget she was always both supportive and inventive when we needed to find solutions. Her energy, flair and imagination were invaluable throughout the shoot. I recommend her highly."